Things to Do in the Northern Highlands

The spectacular Northern Highlands are full of fantastic things to see and do. The area is a dream come true for any lover of the great outdoors, offering hiking trails, mountain climbs, rock climbing and coastal activities. But it doesn’t end there! With a rich history and culture, the Northern Highlands is dotted with ancient castles and churches, ruins and fascinating museums the whole family will like. Animal lovers are also in luck, as aside from the majestic creatures you’re likely to see in the wild, there are several wildlife reserves to enjoy.

Loch Ness

Known around the world and the reason a lot of people visit Scotland, Loch Ness is simply stunning. At a mile wide and twenty miles long, it contains more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined! There are plenty of hiking trails and activities such as horse riding, archery, fishing and shooting. Keep your eye open for the famous monster, Nessie!


A fantastic place to visit for anyone who appreciates dramatic natural beauty. This mountainous region is home to several munros, jutting vertically out of sea lochs. It’s a climber’s dream, and also a great spot for photography and bird/wildlife watching.

Museums & Heritage Sights

There are a number of fascinating, interactive museums in the area. Follow a flock of sheep and learn the lay of the land at Ferrycroft visitor centre, or enjoy the family friendly HistoryLinks and learn about clan feuds and the last witch in Scotland. Dunrobin Castle draws crowds year round – view the superb architecture and enjoy discovering its history.

Wildlife Reserves

There are some rare and exciting species living in the Northern Highland, many of which are protected in a number of wildlife reserves. Observe mighty red deer majestically sweeping across the landscape at Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve, or head to the tranquil waterfalls of Fairy Glen to witness rare birds.

Whisky Distilleries

Scotland is home to many fantastic distilleries, but keep an eye out for Loch Ewe Distillery and Glen Ord Distillery when in the Northern Highlands.