Scotland’s Seven Wonders

If you’re considering a trip to Scotland but aren’t yet decided, read on to discover seven great reasons to head to this wonderful land.


Scotland’s capital and cultural hub is well worth a visit. Indulge in the buzzing music and comedy scene at the epic fringe festival or in some of the many clubs and bars. Edinburgh castle, sat atop a granite hill looms ever in the distance and is also well worth a visit. Learn more about Scottish history and culture at some of the many museums in the city.

Single Malt Whisky

There are a great many distilleries in the country, split into five regions. Each region produce a certain style of whisky with different characteristics, from the spicy, peaty Islay offerings, to the smooth and delicate lowland whiskies. Many distilleries are open for tours and tastings.


Glencoe is a stunning valley and the backdrop of a million photographs. It’s a great base for exploration of the country and there are many options for accommodation. Within the spectacular glen there are thousands of trails to enjoy.

The Cuillin of Skye

The rugged mountain ridge has become a symbol of the isle of Skye. Presenting a challenge for even the most experienced mountaineers, they’re not to be tackled lightly. Weather conditions change rapidly up on the peaks, but when it’s clear the views are to die for.

The Night Sky

Star gazing or howling at the moon in Scotland is like nowhere else in the UK. In more remote areas the skies are so clear that you’ll see more stars than empty space! The Galloway forest is the best place to enjoy the night sky, though the Northern Lights can occasionally be seen further north.

Loch Lomond

While Loch Ness is perhaps the most famous, Loch Lomond takes the crown for the best looking loch. An area of truly outstanding scenery.

Fingal’s Cave

A magnificent sea cave off the island of Staffa, the hexagonal shards of basalt jut up from the sea to create a magical atmosphere.