Enjoying Scottish Cottage Holidays

Scotland is a destination that is high up on many people’s to do list. It’s not surprising really, when you take into consideration the diversity of this small country. From the snow capped peaks of the highlands and the rugged west coast, to the lush green forests of Perthshire, a trip to Scotland is as exciting as it is diverse.

What better way to enjoy the country than immersing yourself in it? By spending a week or so in a self catering cottage you get to live like a local, ideally placed to explore more of this fantastic country. Cottages range in size and style and can be found far from civilization or within towns. There are options to suit any kind of visitor, from the wild and rugged to the more genteel. Old croft cottages, log cabins and even luxury, modern cottages can all be found within Scotland.

More than just a place to rest your head, your cottage becomes a second home, and a beautiful one at that. Often the beauty of the cottage is thankfully rivaled only by the beauty of the country, so while you might just want to stay in and enjoy your cottage forever, there’s plenty to lure you out again!

A fantastic base for your Scotland adventure, and a cozy retreat for when the weather’s not too good, you’re bound to leave with fond memories. Cottages are available for anyone to rent, and are ideal for family gatherings, groups of friends, couples or even those lone rangers looking for a little bit of peace.

Besides the breathtaking scenery, there are a great many things to do throughout Scotland. There are over 280 munros – mountains over 3,000 feet – in Scotland, offering challenging, but rewarding climbs. A tour of some of the many whiskey distilleries is always great, or indulge in some history and culture in the small towns and villages.