All About Eco-friendly Cottages

In this day and age it is wise to consider the impact we’re having on the environment. Indeed, many people are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and there’s no reason this needs to stop when you go on holiday.

Eco-friendly cottages are cropping up all over Scotland, with several running purely on clean energy. Others focus on a more back to basics approach, while some luxury options ensure you’re pampered for your efforts!

In fact, it seems as if the majority of Scottish holiday cottages are going down the route of becoming more Eco-friendly. This is great news and the stunning natural scenery will certainly benefit from such schemes. Nowadays, all you need do to book an Eco-friendly cottage is hit the click here to book button online and you’re away! Most of the information you’ll need can be found online, with paper brochures fast becoming a thing of the past.

How can you make a difference

Where possible, several cottage owners encourage their guests to arrive by public transport, or bicycle, with some offering discounts for doing so. Other schemes such as tree planting to offset the carbon output from the journey are in place as well.

When you arrive at your Eco-friendly cottage, you’re likely to be encouraged to save water and recycle, among other things. There will be systems in place, such as a double flush on toilets or flow restrictions on the showers, to help with this. Recycling bins will be provided as well as a compost heap typically.

Finally, it’s great to support the local businesses, rather than heading for larger chains. Use markets, or the local butchers and green grocers instead of driving to the city to a large supermarket. The produce is likely to be of higher quality and the locals will love you for it!